All of the wholistic healing arts  utilized by Dr. MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree have been proven safe, comfortable, and effective. These healing arts have been known to not only enhance the quality of life but to also produce the following benefits:

Increase -- motivation; memory; self-esteem; communication; inner peace; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy; relaxation and a general feeling of well-being.

Overcome -- phobias, repressed anger, scars of abuse, depression.

Reduce -- fatigue, anxiety, pain, dis-stress, addictive behaviors: overeating,  toxic relationships, drugs, smoking.

Improve -- social and domestic relationships, creativity, cognitive and motor skills.

Strengthen -- the body’s organs and systems:  immune, circulatory, reproductive.
                        personal resolve to get rid of unwanted fat and excess weight.

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Wellness Services
Weight Control and Hypnosis
Stress Management
 Improving Performance/  
Soulful Meditation
"Living a simple, peaceful, abundant, happy and healthy life starts from within"AAS
Be advised:
Although the wholistic health and wellness techniques used to promote health and healing are effective and have historically provided relief and information for a higher quality of life, these techniques and sessions are in no way magical. They are designed for you to acess your inner physican. You are responsible for seeking out the best care for yourself and should over stand that the counselling/therapy, information, and/or referrals you receive are not a replacement for emergency medical intervention. You are further advised if you feel it necessary,  discuss these techniques, counselling, therapy, information, and/or referrals with your family physician.

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As a professional courtesy, the HIPPA Privacy Rule which protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information is followed.