Weight Control and Hypnosis
What do the phrases Weight loss, Weight reduction, Weight management, 
Weight control, and getting rid of unwanted fat  have in common?

The common denominators are that each state of being requires a change of habit, uncovering obstacles to self-love, true self-forgiveness, and rediscovering a willingness 
to persevere to live a higher quality of life.
There are  good reasons why there are countless diets out there for us to choose from. 
Most are hard to stick with.

For each and every act there is a thought. Contrary to common belief there is no part of the body called the mind, nor can science exactly pinpoint where thought begins and ends. Although parts of the brain's functioning has been identified as having connection to appetite and memory, it is the mind that drives us to eat and motivates the body to exercise, and do  everything. Some behaviors and thoughts are unconscious. 

Hypnosis allows people to tap into their subconscious parts and make a desired change. Hypnosis along with the rediscovery of a healthy mindset can help you change habits, eat less, exercise more, increase your confidence, and  heighten appreciation for the divine gift which is you. Together these changes can then lead to permanent weight control. 

We can assist you utilizing a wholistic approach which incorporates Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. Together we can restore your instincts to the original and normal “factory settings” that you were born with. Diets make you feel deprived, and therefore you may resist them no matter how healthy the foods and quantity recommended.  Hypnosis and weight reduction go hand in hand. Hypnosis acts upon the “appestat,” the center of your brain that tells you when to stop. It sends a signal to that part of your brain to let you know that you are full. The  Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program taps into the strongest tool/ability for change human beings possess. That tool/ability is imagination.  Focused imagination can help bring thoughts into reality. In this case focused imagination can help you gain better control of your weight, health, and life.

 Whether you are slightly overweight or diagnosed as obese, we have individualized programs to help you attain your weight goals. We can help you overcome the addictive "hand to mouth imbalance" by igniting your own internal motivation to eat healthier foods; so instead of ingesting the four deadly, artery clogging foods commonly associated with the Standard American diet (SAD)--Frozen, Fried, Processed and Genetically modified--you will experience how wonderful it feels to eat smaller, healthy meals full of natural, fresh, live foods such as fruits and vegetables.
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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program (9 sessions to a Nu You):
  • - individualized hypnosis sessions - Reclaiming Your Power - 
              Making a stronger SpiritMindBody™ connection and two CDs for home use and re-enforcement
  • 2 sessions - detoxification/ nutritional coaching/transformational counselling 
  • 3 sessions - massage/ reflexology/colon hydrotherapy

 10 months of follow-up  group sessions and/or private individual sessions are available. 
Optional support:
When  you are ready to release those excess pounds and fat that have been around for much too long, we are/I am here to help you