Stress Management
The above pictures represent the various forms of dis-Stress.  Be it mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or environmental, dis-Stress can interfere with living a healthy, happy, whole, and productive life.

Have you ever heard " Man you got it all" or girl, you got it going on" or "your life is so together" yet you know or feel deep within there is something not quite right, something missing or an empty feeling or a feeling like you are rushed and not enough time to do what you truly want to do or you do not know exactly what the feeling is or how to move past feeling stuck or how to say what you really want to say?  Are you unhappy but have not pinpointed why? Or do you suffer from diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome,  frequent headaches or post traumatic slave syndrome? Are any of your relationships out-of-balance?  If  you answered is yes to any of these questions our services can help you.

We use the term dis-Stress because in actuality positive stressors can add anticipation and excitement to life.  Think of the stress response as a safety mechanism that the body has in place to protect itself.  The response indicates the SpiritMindBody’s ability to adapt to change.  Stress can be a turn on.  It can pump you up, energize you, and supply a zest for life.  Stress in a positive light is like spice; in the right proportion, it enhances the flavor of food.  It is much like flour—add some to gravy or a sauce and the flour adds body; it thickens the mixture; if you add too much, the gravy or sauce becomes glue, pasty.  

Remember in most cases it is not the stressors but your response that is the challenge . On the other hand, think of the stress like a piano, which needs just the right touch to make sweet music, but not so much that the piano sounds out of tune or the strings pop.  Dis-Stress then is the body’s alarm phase: the perceived inability to handle the mounting stimuli (stressors).  Dis-Stress can tie you up in knots.  Ironically, insufficient stress is a depressant.  Dis-Stress triggers a number of psychological and physiological disturbances. 
We can help you move from stuck to unstuck , from being imbalanced to evolving balance, from being in pieces to being in peace!

Excerpts from Emancipating Your Spirit: A Conscious Guidebook:Affirmations, Meditation, Liberty & Other Soulful Reflections.
Many people use meditation, Yoga, deep breathing, Tai Chi, and various forms of exercise as means to relieve dis-Stress. However, Hypnosis is a natural process that is a very safe and quick way to produce guided and creative relaxation. Thus it allows a person relief and a inner sense of peace that often surpasses other temporary dis-Stress relievers.

Many of my clients comment on how the sessions have helped them to lower their blood pressure,  or better handle family situations or mounting pressure on the job. Many have learned how to live an authentic life: speaking their truth, communicate in and with love in their relationships,  feeling free, relaxed and able to meet challenges head on, and better prepared to achieve their inner goals and desires. ( see testimonies at )

After two or three sessions, I provide all my stress management clients with an individualized soothing,  and relaxing CD that assists them at home with self-hypnosis.

Wholistic Health/Spiritual Consultation

       Are you interested in making a change?  Let us help you on your health and wellness journey.  We offer consultations to aid you in discovering and committing to a road map and personal plan to achieve overall optimal wellness. This can be a one time or ongoing service. Our private and confidential consultation includes a health and wellness assessment and suggestions for improvement in all aspects of life. Spiritual Consultations also include instructions on connecting with your higher self. 

                                                                             $110. 00 initial  session

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