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Let me help and guide you along your life journey, full of new uplifting decisions, revealing life lessons, heighten awareness, and exposure to abundant  inner resources.  

Clients, colleagues, and friends all comment positively about the manner in which MaMa Akosua interacts and serves those who seek her services. Since  her passion to help people, to act as a guide,  to  follow the examples of wise ancestors, to listen with compassion, observe and be a witness to inspiring transformations, she has make a commitment to study, learn, and provide her clients with the best wholistic services available and to introduce clients to effective tools to help restore harmony, a sense of order and balance,  raise consciousness, and thus ignite their imagination as they move toward achieving their heart's desires.

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Emerge from a confidential session with the ability to courageously explore and listen to the beat of you own D.R.U.M
Discover your inner voice
Reclaim your divine power
Unleash you innate imagination and creativity
Manifest your true purpose
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Soulful Meditation
to Reduce Dis-Stress and Increase Serenity

       Back by popular demand  our  Soulful Meditation Reawakening course, taught by     Dr. MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree, is  just in time to help folks spring into a more healing state, and to help those who are serious about developing and maintaining a sense of harmony and psychic self-defense.

During the 9 weeks of our live, intensive yet relaxing  Soulful Meditation Reawakening course the transformative energy generated will help participants to
learn the power of crystal meditation  
practice mindfulness 
ignite their reticular activating system(RAS),  
better manage their reaction to stress
appreciate stillness
rediscover that protected quiet place for healing and balance
*9 weeks of live interactive instruction which includes an all-day retreat

Although the hustle and bustle of society,  stress related illnesses,political corruption, war and rumors of war, violence, attacks on our children, bio-chemical experiments flood the headlines, you have divine free will and can choose to live in the cycle of stressful triggers, of confusion, anxiety, and fear, or you can choose to break the cycle and develop /use inner tools of peace and awakening. 

There are many reasons why our  Soulful Meditation Reawakening Course is a wise decision for not only yourself but also for your loved ones. Some of those reasons include cultivating compassion
improving communication 
cherishing the breath
releasing hidden emotions
 The best reason is that you deserve to be happy, healthy and whole. The Soulful Meditation Reawakening course is just one tool to help you achieve a peaceful awareness and increase your own serenity. 
Our March-April 2020 class will fill up fast, so make the decision to enhance your life.
Register for our Soulful Meditation Reawakening  course before February 21,2020.

Feel free to also visit the Amadi Wellness Connection web site for frequently asked questions about this course